The Thought Project

Emotional intelligence workbooks for kids

The Thought Project are a series of printable pdf workbooks designed to cultivate your childs emotional intelligence. They are packed full of FUN activities that your kid’s will LOVE doing as well as information and idea’s that will change the way they think.

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What do the Workbooks Cover?

Emotional intelligence (EI or EQ) is being able to recognise, manage and understand your own and others emotions so that you can autonomously nurture your own happiness, self regulate yourself and aptly interpret your world and communities. Each workbook will cover a specific EQ topic that together will cultivate learning, social, decision making and leadership skills in your children.

You can download individual topics or the complete series. Join the wait list to be notified when workbooks are available.

What will my child get out of it?

Each workbook provides a new EQ tool that your child will be able to start using immediately and will always have in their back pocket for when life throws them a curve ball.

These tools will allow your child to adapt to new or stressful situations, communicate better, make good decisions, focus on learning, use criticism and mistakes to grow, trust their intuition, resolve conflicts easily and have better relationships. On top of that they will have fun doing the workbook activities.

How can I support my child?

Included in each module is a parent/carer/teacher section where you can learn how to support your child’s EQ education and perhaps learn something new yourself along the way. Emotional intelligence is like a muscle that needs to be exercised regularly and with the tools and information provided in this section you will be able to help your child continue to exercise their EQ skills in everyday life.

Endorsement from Dr Shefali

Pyscologist & Mindfulness Teacher, CCI Institute founder and teacher & NY Times best-sellers author.

“A truely gifted conscious parenting coach”

Anna’s energy, presence, focus and attention in her conscious parenting coaching practice creates an environment of trust and openness. Her ability to gently shine the light on the issues at hand will help many families. It has been an honour to work beside Anna and bear witness to her unfolding as a truly gifted conscious parenting coach.

Endorsement from Dr Shefali Pyscologist & Mindfulness Teacher, CCI Institute founder and teacher & NY Times best-sellers author.


Byron Bay

“Two words: GAME CHANGER!”

Working with Anna has been life-changing and highly effective. I’ve used the strategies suggested by Anna to help streamline my 2 least favorite times of the day; getting ready for school and bedtime routine. In less than a week, these challenging times of the day have become easy, effortless and enjoyable. My girls are excited to get themselves dressed, organized and out the door and they now go to bed with minimal protest - MIND BLOWN! I look forward to working with Anna long term to ensure I grow as a peaceful, mindful and nurturing parent.

Cheryl Byron Bay

We all want the same thing for our kids

That is for them to be happy. A life of happiness and a life of unhappiness look very similar. Both are filled with hardships, disappointments, failures and hurdles to conquer. Happiness is not a life without hurdles or obstacles, happiness is a life where we conquer our hurdles and grow from adversity. When we try to protect our kids from the hardships of life we deprive them of the fundamental life lessons learnt amongst the grit and essence of life. Armour you kids with high EQ’s and give them the best protection they can have and watch them thrive and their lives unfold with happiness.

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