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How it Works

In our sessions we will discover what is and what is not working for you and your family. Together we will shed light on the hidden patterns that could be causing or contributing to anxiety, stress, resistance, defiance, rudeness or power struggles in your home.Through out our sessions I will give you step by step support to start implementing new ways to interact, communicate, set boundaries, hold consequences and make deeper connections with your children.

Free Discovery Session

Parenting is hard and so is finding the right coach. Schedule your FREE 30 minute discovery session to find out more about conscious parenting and Anna’s method of coaching.

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Step by step support for:

  • Tantrums / Conflicts / Power Struggles / Rudeness
  • Sibling rivalry / Coping with stress & anxiety
  • Communication, confidence & awareness
  • Uncovering belief systems and hidden patterns


Byron Bay

“Two words: GAME CHANGER!”

Working with Anna has been life-changing and highly effective. I’ve used the strategies suggested by Anna to help streamline my 2 least favorite times of the day; getting ready for school and bedtime routine. In less than a week, these challenging times of the day have become easy, effortless and enjoyable. My girls are excited to get themselves dressed, organized and out the door and they now go to bed with minimal protest - MIND BLOWN! I look forward to working with Anna long term to ensure I grow as a peaceful, mindful and nurturing parent.

Cheryl Byron Bay



“This was a huge turning point for me”

I've been a therapist for years and I am an avid student of psychology. Anna Davis showed me how to work through an issue instantly and helped me achieve a psychological break through. For years I've been trying to connect with my feelings and develop a non reactive intimacy with myself. After my session with Anna I was able to develop this skill. I am so grateful for my session with her because through a simple yet profound exercise she was able to teach me how to enter into the feeling and create change. This was a huge turning point for me and I highly recommend her work.