Conscious Parenting

Conscious Parenting

We were told parenting would come naturally.

So why can’t we get our kids to listen, stop sibling rivalry or just get them out the door on time?

Like anything in life, parenting takes awareness, practice and skill. Start your journey with me to be the natural parent you want to be.

What is Conscious Parenting?

Conscious parenting shows us how our own transformation is integral to our child’s emotional development. It focuses on how we can raise our own awareness and shift our attention from the child’s behaviour to our own. It asks us to take a deep dive into our own emotional legacy to support our child’s emotional development.

Have you tried everything?

Are time outs, taking things away, grounding and discipline not working anymore? Do you need help diffusing tension and conflict in your home? Does it feel impossible to get your kids to listen, manage sibling rivalry, stop rudeness, yelling or hitting. Do you want to create deeper connections with your children that have them wanting to listen to you?

Conscious parenting will give you the parenting tools you need to bring the stress levels back down, create calm in your household and cultivate deeper levels of connection.

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Byron Bay

“I now feel far better equipped to handle the big emotions my children often challenge me with”

“It’s really hard to put into words how much working with Anna has helped me, my children, and my family. Anna is a wealth of practical and useful advice on how to deal with highly emotionally charged situations with your children. She has helped me recognise my own inner wounds and understand the connection to these with the reactions I have to my own children. Anna has given me the courage to change and the confidence to know how. I now feel far better equipped to handle the big emotions my children often challenge me with. If you would like a more harmonious family, with less sibling rivalry, and improved parental sanity, don’t hesitate to contact Anna! I really can’t recommend Anna’s services highly enough.

Alicia Byron Bay



“Conscious Parenting Coaching has changed my life”

From the moment I began coaching with Anna I felt her genuine warmth and compassion. Anna allowed me to feel seen, heard and understood. Every session, Anna gave me the support and space I needed to open up and be vulnerable. This allowed me to release old fears and let go of a lot of stories about my life that had been keeping me safe and stuck, thus inhibiting me moving forward in my life. Anna was also able to help me deconstruct life long patterns that were hindering my ability to connect deeply with myself and with my children. I am truly grateful for Anna’s wisdom and insights…she has helped me get back on track and this has allowed me to reconnect with my truth. Conscious Parenting Coaching has changed my life and allowed me to show up and be the parent I have always dreamt of being. I highly recommend Anna as a Conscious Parent Coach. She supports parents to be the best they can be. In my opinion there is no greater gift we can give OURSELVES and our children.

Nina Sydney

Our childhood deeply impacts our parenting

Conscious parenting focuses on how our own childhood impacts our children's childhood. Most of us are unaware of how our own emotional legacy could be impacting how we parent. Healing your own emotional baggage will disrupt patterns that may have been passed down through generations, giving your child a solid foundation for their emotional development to thrive.

Why is it so hard to change?

Before we can change, we have to get to the root of the behaviour, which is the belief system. Belief systems or world views are created in early childhood. They dictate the way we see the world and in turn the way we react to it. Belief systems are like lenses that we look at the world through, created from our earliest experiences (0 to 7 years) through social, cultural and parental conditioning. When we address the way we look at the world, we make room for real and long term changes.

When we start implementing new ways of interacting and communicating with our children everything else will automatically change. Make the change now.