“She knows her stuff, but it goes much deeper than that”

Anna is terrific with parenting and she knows her stuff, but it goes much deeper than that. With Anna's guidance I was able to see that there was some deep pain inside of me and she led me on a journey where I was able to release it. No matter what's going on in my life, it always feels great knowing that I can work it out in a session with her.

Amy Colorado



“Gifted listener. Compassionate teacher. Brilliant coach.”

To be coached by Anna is to be in a safe and loving space where you are free to come as you are and grow with the guidance of a deeply perceptive teacher. She has the gifted ability to listen to her client’s big, complex issues and discover the origin, offer a shift in perspective, and then create succinct, actionable exercises to deepen the understanding post-session. From a place of wisdom and presence, Anna has created a palpable shift in the way I see myself, see my child, and how I move forward in my life. She has pulled me out of decades-long patterns of unworthiness in a single session! She has taught me how to meet the needs of my child by showing me how to better understand my own needs and feelings. Connecting with her has been one of the most important things I have done to-date. I wholeheartedly recommend Anna as a conscious parenting coach and look forward to continuing to learn and grow with her.

Shilpa Seattle



“I am blown away by our sessions. They were amazing!!”

I am blown away by our sessions. They were amazing!! They felt so complete, all encompassing. The exercises you walked me through, your questions and leads, the space you held for me, your intuitiveness, your advice... it was all GOLD. With other therapies, I was never able to get to the root of my issues like I did in our sessions. You helped me sort out the chaos that was overwhelming me, to identify the patterns and wounds, to notice where my ego was keeping me stuck in status quo and really gave me a clear road map of how to work through this in a realistic and achievable way. You helped me embrace where I was and give myself the time, acceptance and self care to be there. I considerably felt and witnessed the ripple effects of our sessions in my life, in my relationship with myself and others. You truly have a gift. Thank you Anna!!

Pascale Israel



“Conscious Parenting Coaching has changed my life”

From the moment I began coaching with Anna I felt her genuine warmth and compassion. Anna allowed me to feel seen, heard and understood. Every session, Anna gave me the support and space I needed to open up and be vulnerable. This allowed me to release old fears and let go of a lot of stories about my life that had been keeping me safe and stuck, thus inhibiting me moving forward in my life. Anna was also able to help me deconstruct life long patterns that were hindering my ability to connect deeply with myself and with my children. I am truly grateful for Anna’s wisdom and insights…she has helped me get back on track and this has allowed me to reconnect with my truth. Conscious Parenting Coaching has changed my life and allowed me to show up and be the parent I have always dreamt of being. I highly recommend Anna as a Conscious Parent Coach. She supports parents to be the best they can be. In my opinion there is no greater gift we can give OURSELVES and our children.

Nina Sydney

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